Macro moths

Geometridae       Sphingidae - Nolidae       Noctuidae

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Swifts, Leopards, Goat Moth, Festoon, Triangle, Foresters, Burnets and Clearwings are regarded as 'honorary macro moths'.

Ghost Moth, Hepialus humuli Gold Swift, Hepialus hecta Map-winged Swift, Hepialus fusconebulosa Map-winged Swift, Hepialus fusconebulosa f gallicus Six-spot Burnet, Zygaena filipendulae

Lasiocampidae and Saturniidae
December Moth, Poecilocampa populi Drinker, Euthrix potatoria Fox Moth, Macrothylacia rubi Emperor Moth, Saturnia pavonia Emperor Moth, Saturnia pavonia (caterpillar)

Scalloped Hook-tip, Falcaria lacertinaria Peach Blossom, Thyatira batis Peach Blossom, Thyatira batis Buff Arches, Habrosyne pyritoides Buff Arches, Habrosyne pyritoides Common Lutestring, Ochropacha duplaris Yellow Horned, Achlya flavicornis Yellow Horned, Achlya flavicornis

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