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Thank you to everyone on the Back Garden Moths forum for their advice, identifications, corrections and confirmation of photographs.
The Moths Ireland website has distribution maps for Irish macro and micro moths and Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland shows their distribution in Northern Ireland. Photographs of all the macro moths found in Ireland can be seen at

For details of food plants see

Moths Ireland
Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland
UK Moths
Donegal Moths
Back-garden Moths forum
Garden Moth Scheme

UK Lepidoptera
British Lepidoptera
UK Lepidoptera: Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, adult Butterflies and Moths
UK Leps: The life cycle of Butterflies and Moths
Janis von Heyking: Butterflies and Moths (Swedish)
Janis von Heyking: Micro moth Photo gallery
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium
Flemish Entomological Society (Dutch)

British Leafminers
Leafminers of Europe (Dutch/English)
NHM: Leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects
Nottinghampshire leaf mines
UK Fly mines: Mines of British flies and other insects

Dorset Moths
Suffolk Moth Group: What's flying tonight? and Field Tips
Flickr: Moth photographs
Moths in a Cambridgeshire garden
Norfolk Moths
Hants Moths
Berkshire moths, resources - includes guide to Grass Moths
Lancashire Moths: Pug Identification
Montgomeryshire Moth Group
Dorset Nature: Moths
Tom Tams Nature Photography: Lepidoptera

Richard Lewington: Wildlife Illustrator
Chris Harlow: Photographing Moths
ALS: Moth traps and Entomological Equipment - Building a Moth Trap
DIY Robinson moth trap
Watkins and Doncaster: Field Equipment
Paul Batty: Moth traps and accessories
Bioquip: Biological equipment supplies
B&S Entomological Services - The Net Suppliers

Butterfly Conservation (UK)
Irish Butterflies
Butterfly Ireland
NBDC: Identifying white butterflies
Dragonfly Ireland
Irish Dragonfly News 2009
British Dragonflies

Ireland's Wildlife and natural history
Irish Wildflowers
Irish Lichens
RHS: Plants for pollinators
Habitas: Plant life, Animal life, Minerals, Rocks and Fossils
British Bugs: Identification guide to UK Hemiptera
Irish Birding
Amanita Photo Gallery: Beginners Guide to Identifying Fungi
Hainault Forest photo Index (inc. Galls, Slime moulds etc)

Ecoseeds: native Irish wildflower seeds
Notice Nature: Ireland's first public awareness campaign on biodiversity
Nature's Web: Free online newsletter for children
Waterford and Cork Botany Group
The Heritage Council
The Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin
Irish Wildlife Trust
Irish Peatland Conservation
National Parks and Wildlife Service
National Biodiversity Data Centre
Irish Grid Reference Calculator
Paul Green: Flora of County Waterford website
The Wildlife of Waterford City and County
Dorset Nature
Growing Wild conservation programme
Plantlife International
NBN Gateway

Kitenet: Mapmate resources
Kitenet: Mapmate custom user queries

Robert Thompson Photography
Mike Brown: Irish Landscape and Nature Photography
Jim Wilson: Irish Wildlife Film Services
Michael Fatali: Photographing Nature's Light
Juza Nature Photography

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