Stigmella ruficapitella

Family: Nepticulidae

84     *     Stigmella ruficapitella

Leaf mine photographs on Oak, Quercus. October 2011

Wingspan: 4.5-6mm. The most frequent of several similar species
Flight time: Two generations, May-June and July-August

Food plant: Oak (Quercus)
Mine: June-July and September-October
Egg usually upperside, often near margin. The mine is initially narrow with thin frass then widens into a broad corridor with broad, sometimes locally coiled, frass. Larvae are yellow with light brown heads.

Similar: Stigmella atricapitella. Yellow larva

Stigmella ruficapitella

Stigmella ruficapitella

Stigmella ruficapitella
Leaf mine on Oak, Quercus. Ballingeary, Co. Cork, SW Ireland. 2011

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