Incurvaria pectinea

Family: Incurvariidae        Sub-family: Incurvariinae

129     *     Incurvaria pectinea

Photographs show feeding signs on Birch, Betula. August 2011

Wingspan: 12-16mm
Flight time: April-May

Food plants: Mainly Birch (Betula) and Hazel (Corylus), sometimes found on Hornbeam (Corylus) or Apple (Malus)
Mine: May-June
Larvae create a blotch mine then drop to the ground in a case made from the leaf excisions.

Similar: Incurvaria masculella

Incurvaria pectinea

Incurvaria pectinea

Incurvaria pectinea
Feeding signs on Birch, Betula. Cork, SW Ireland. August 2011

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