Parornix betulae

Family: Gracillariidae       Sub-family: Gracillariinae

301     *     Parornix betulae

Leaf mine photographs on Birch, Betula. UK. September 2011, .

Wingspan: 9-10mm. Need gen.det to separate from other Parornix spp.
Flight time: May and August.

Food plant: Birch (Betula spp.)
Mine: June and September-October
Egg on underside. Initially forms a Phyllonocter-like mine but brown rather than green beneath, clumped frass in a corner. The larva leaves the mine and continues feeding in downwards fold of the leaf margin or tip.

Parornix betulae

Parornix betulae

Parornix betulae
Leaf mine on Birch, Betula. UK. September 2011

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